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AlltheInterweb Answers Wiki Encyclopedia - the online encyclopedia project of AlltheInterWeb & AlltheInterweb Answers. The MediaWiki script that makes this place work was only installed on 31st January 2012.

This website is pretty much similar in idea to Wikipedia, Wiktionary & Conservapedia. The basic plan is to make it just as accurate (or more so where humanly possible) as the aforementioned projects, but also try make it more comphrensive & entertaining (where appropriate). As much as I love using & contributing to the aforementioned existing sources mentioned above, it annoys the hell out of me when, for instance I add a new definition I've come across for the word Funt, only to see some dickhead moderator has gone and removed it soon after. Same if I add information such as that the River Avon in the United Kingdom county of Hampshire is a legendary venue for Barbel fishing by many a British Angler.

AlltheInterweb Answers is a Questions & Answers website, similar in idea to Yahoo Answers. It works via a free script that was available to set up such a site, and was available to easily install from the webhosts via Softaculous in the CPANEL. And here it is. The main difference you'll hopefully find between AlltheInterweb Answers and Yahoo Answers (apart from the fact it was made on a shoe-string budget, as opposed to a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange is that we won't give you Violation Notices & Account Suspensions over stupid shit like:

  • Suggesting that a person looking for legal music downloads cheaper than iTunes check-out the MP3 sales section of the world's leading online retailer Amazon UK

As stated, this Wiki part of AlltheInterweb Answers is here to provide a resource of knowledge (if irritating spammers quit posting crap long enough to give us time to add articles instead of deleting crap). <google uid="C01" position="top"></google>

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