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Welcome to the AlltheInterweb Encyclopedia - the online encyclopedia project of AlltheInterWeb & AlltheInterweb Answers.

The MediaWiki script that makes this place work was only installed on 31st January 2012, so articles are a bit sparse as you'd probably expect, and after a balls-up on the part of the other webhosts I use deleting all the damn text off the wiki, it's even more sparse, and I'm having to start again from scratch with a fresh install on the main webhosts I use from 27th November 2015 onwards.

This website is pretty much similar in idea to Wikipedia, Wiktionary & Conservapedia.

The basic plan is to make it just as accurate (or more so where humanly possible) as the aforementioned projects, but also try make it more comphrensive & entertaining (where appropriate).

As much as I love using & contributing to the aforementioned existing sources mentioned above, it annoys the hell out of me when, for instance I add a new definition I've come across for the word Funt, only to see some dickhead moderator has gone and removed it soon after. Same if I add information such as that the River Avon in the United Kingdom county of Hampshire is a legendary venue for Barbel fishing by many a British Angler.