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This site was originally created on 31st January 2012 as AlltheInterweb Answers Encylopedia, having gotten a bit bored of issues caused by a lack of proper control on Wikipedia, with editors ballsing up my contributions by zapping them + being a fat lot of good at dealing with fucktards who thought it would be funny to repeatedly make defamatory changes to my user profile on there, seeing as the creators of Wikipedia didn't see fit to only make it possible for owners of a profile to have control over the content on their profile.

That site was soon swamped by retarded spammers who posted all kinds of crap trying to turn this encylopedia an articles site, and no sooner had I cleaned the damn thing up, a server glitch on the part of webhosts Arvixe, ended up with the database reverted back to a save that still had all the crap I'd spend several hours deleting.

I've created it again from scratch on 27th November 2015 upon discovering another server glitch on the part of Arvixe seems to have made all the text in the articles I'd spent the last 3+ years creating, and now running it from my main webhosts 1&1 UK now that the MediaWiki script is easier to install there, and hopefully way more reliable.

UPDATE: 28th March 2016 Managed to get the Origial Site working again after tinkering with the PHP versions, reverting it back to 5.3 from an default upgrade to 5.4 that buggered it up + another site on the same webhosting service. I'm still probably gonna continue migrating the site over to this version.

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